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We specialize in optimizing health and well-being by objectively monitoring physiology using gold standard lab tests, including blood chemistries from labcorp, hormone testing, toxic metal testing, food sensitivity testing and physical exam.

By regularly monitoring we are able to identify early physiological imbalances long before they become pathological. This is in stark contrast to the conventional medical approach and offers a truly preventative medicine.

We also offer offer real, proven and effective alternatives to many pharmaceutical medicines. So, if you are not currently in your ideal state of health, and/or have been diagnosed with a disease, we can help.

By building a complete, holistic diagnostic picture of your physiology, our physicians are then able to identify exactly which aspects of your physiology are out of balance (out of homeostasis).

We then design a taylor-made natural medicine protocol, kept as close to food-type medicines as possible, to return your physiology to optimal homeostasis, and then maintain your good health by regular objective testing as mentioned above.

Many conditions can be resolved within 1 month, at which time, we re-test to confirm that the success is objectively, as well as subjectively, true.

We can usually manage our clients needs remotely, via internet, email and phone, so you are welcome to contact us from anywhere in the world.

Until this website is completed, here are our contact details:

Email: Contact@Hiddlestone.org

Telephone: 877 650 5400

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